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Benefits of applying:

  1. Co-financing for the cost of developing a technology test pilot

  2. Test space will be provided in the current operations of ENAEX in Chile, or the use of an external testing center will be managed.

  3. ENAEX will support the winning teams through the know-how of ENAEX collaborators to the selected solutions to develop the pilot.

  4. The winners will receive mentorship from the innovation accelerator  INNSPIRAL for the design of the testing and insertion of the solution in the operations of ENAEX.  



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Closing of applications

05/24/2022 - 05/25/2022

Pre-selected publication


Initial Demo Day

06/29/2022  - 06/30/2022  

Pitch Day and awards

Enaex SA and its subsidiaries have established themselves as the most important producer group of ammonium nitrate, explosives for mining, and provider of comprehensive rock fragmentation services in Chile and Latin America, maintaining contracts directly or through third parties with the main mining companies. operating in Chile, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, and other countries in the region.


Enaex SA currently maintains a broad international presence through the export of ammonium nitrate, high-power explosives, and initiation solutions, being found in more than 20 countries, highlighting Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Bolivia, South Africa, and Japan.  


Enaex, through the Prillex América plant located in Mejillones, today has the largest explosive-grade Ammonium Nitrate production complex in the world, positioning itself as the third most important player in the world in terms of production.

Factory truck fleet optimization, availability, and reliability  


Challenge: Increase the availability and reliability of factory trucks, in order to meet the requirements for the number of explosives loaded in the mine's blast holes according to production plans.


Current situation:

Occurrence of failures in the factory trucks (equipment with the capacity to generate the mixtures for the elaboration of explosives in-situ) in operation, when these are assigned to customer blasting positions or considered in the planning of available equipment. This generates delays and a lower explosive load capacity.


ENAEX has more than 100 factory trucks operating in Chile, which are of different brands and have explosive loading capacity configurations between 20 tons and 30 nominal tons.  


Factory trucks are currently partially sensorized.


Aspects to consider: 

  • Equipment is subjected to high vibrations as a result of traffic on the roads of mining operations. 

  • Difficulties associated with signal connectivity in mining operations. 

  • The operation of the equipment occurs only during the day.


What kind of solutions are we looking for? (Not mutually exclusive)

smart maintenance

  1. Software for monitoring, maintenance management, and predictive analysis of factory trucks

  2. Hardware for data collection from various equipment that makes up the factory trucks (eg: sensors, IoT)  

referential videos  :


If you have a solution validated at the MVP level or a product on the market, we invite you to fill out the form on this page and be part of this great opportunity. We ask that you be very clear when detailing each required field.


You can review the frequently asked questions document or contact us with any questions, and we will guide you.



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