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We connect the best startups in the world to solve your company's complex challenges

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Startup Challenge

Discover the experience of disruptive innovation for shopping centers

January 2024


Parque Arauco used open innovation to identify the best global startups and implement three pilots, accelerating the transformation of energy efficiency and deepening the understanding of customers

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Companies that have trusted us

Discover the impact of a startup with the support of SQM and INNSPIRAL

Winner "Más litio,
menos huella"

Check out the experience of Manuel Mata, CEO of Antu Energía, installing a photovoltaic plant in the community of La Tirana for alfalfa production in the Tarapacá Region


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May 2023

Startup Portfolios

Open Calls

Startup Challenge


Parque Arauco

We seek to connect with global startups to address various challenges that Parque Arauco faces, in order to implement technological and innovative solutions

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Ruta Conecta Tarapacá


Fundación Collahuasi

We are seeking startups to boost logistics in the Tarapacá Region along the Capricorn Bi-oceanic Corridor connecting Chile with Brazil

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Más Litio, menos huella III



We are seeking solutions to drive electromobility, energy storage, and access to and conservation of water resources in Chile

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Why choose us?

We have connected with more than 5,000 global startups

We have +25 success stories in open innovation calls with pioneering companies

We have been setting trends in innovation in Chile and LATAM for +35 years

We have alliances with strategic partners





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