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SQM "More Lithium, less footprint" challenge

Applications closed


I. Electromobility

Proposals that promote the development of electromobility in Chile, preferably those that generate value in remote, isolated or vulnerable sectors, contributing to accessible and more energy efficient transport.

  • Challenge 1 -  Vehicle energy storage technologies

  • Challenge 2 - Electric vehicle charging points

  • Challenge 3 -  New business models for electric vehicles


May 22nd 2023

Online application opening

June 15th 2023 at 23:59 hrs. 

Closing of applications

June 29th 2023

Publication of shortlisted contestants

June 30th to July 11th 2023

Process preparation of preselected solutions 

June 12th to 14th 2023

Pitch Day and awards

At SQM, we have committed as a company to tackle the environmental and social challenges that our planet is currently facing. This is why we have been playing a key role in the production of sustainable lithium for years, always looking for new technologies and ways to reduce our carbon footprint using renewable energy. We believe in this actions as a way to ensure a healthy planet for future generations.

This environmental commitment is not just a statement, but we actively take actions to aproach this problem. This is why we are launching the "More Lithium, less footprint" challenge Third Edition, where we invite all Startups, Technology providers, Research and Development Centers, Universities, SMEs, and development initiatives to join our efforts.

We are looking for innovative ideas that bring electromobility, stationary energy storage, and access & care of water resources to communities in the Antofagasta and Tarapacá Regions. We believe that it is vital to contribute to communities that lack basic services, thus actively collaborating together in the country's sustainable transition and growth.

We are looking for innovative proposals with social and environmental impact that respond to the following challenges:

II. Stationary Storage

Proposals that extend the use of storage technologies preferably in remote, isolated or vulnerable sectors, which do not have access to the electricity grid or have intermittent supply, in order to promote self-generation and self-consumption.

  • Challenge 4 -  Stationary energy storage technologies and their management

  • Challenge 5 - New business models for stationary energy storage


  • Winner of scope 1: 40,000 USD

  • Winner of scope 2: 40,000 USD

  • Winner of scope 3: 40,000 USD


III. Access and Care of Water Resources

Proposals that allow sustainable and safe access to drinking water in communities affected by drought and pollution, through the use and exploitation of clean energies. In this way, promote human development, productive power of the desert agriculture, and sustainable development of communities.

Challenge 6 - Technologies to increase availability of drinking water

Challenge 7 - Technologies for water purification and treatment of contaminated water

Challenge 8 - New business models in water management in communities

Check out the frequently asked questions document 


Check out the bases of the challenge

  • ​​Development of a pilot of your business in the Antofagasta or Tarapacá region

  • Executive mentorships with experts from SQM

  • Pre-selection for the second "SQM Lithium Ventures Corporate Acceleration Program" (more information here)

*Changes in dates may occur

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