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Startup Challenge

by Parque Arauco

We seek to connect with global startups to solve various challenges that Parque Arauco faces, to implement technological and innovative solutions.

Since its founding in 1982, Parque Arauco has been in constant evolution toenrich the shopping and entertainment experience in Latin America. Shopping centers are not only places to shop, but also spaces wheretechnology and innovation they converge and form enriching and sustainable spaces, both for people and the environment.

On this occasion, in its search for excellence, Parque Arauco wants to connect again with startups and pioneering companies, to attract talent and technology, and innovate in its shopping centers in Chile, Peru and Colombia.  


Learn about the challenges of this call below and impact Latam

with us!

*For more information about Parque Arauco, we suggest this document memoria 2022


Customer Challenge

We need to develop innovative solutions that allow us to attract new customers to shopping centers, capture their data effectively and process this data. Our ultimate goal is to achieve personalization of the customer experience and greater efficiency in operations and marketing strategies, impacting their satisfaction and loyalty.


How do we achieveattract new clients,learn more about our visitors and use that knowledge toincrease the frequency of your visits and sales?

Search areas

- Customer understanding: in terms of flow, frequency, interests, behavior, purchasing patterns, among others.
- Value delivery: through experiences and personalized communication.
- Customer attraction: mechanisms and technologies capable of connecting and attracting new customers to the shopping center.



How do we increase energy efficiency through the use of technology in our shopping malls?

Energy Efficiency Challenge

This innovation challenge focuses on increasing efficiency and improving energy management in our key energy assets, through the implementation of advanced technology. The objective is to find innovative solutions that use predictive, automation, control, and energy tracking technologies, among others.

Search areas

- Energy self-generation by wind or bioenergy
- Energy storage
- Energy efficiency with HVAC
- Energy efficiency in escalators, lifts and others
- Energy measurement and management of areas and equipment
- Architectural solutions

Key dates
Resource 3_2x.png

Opening of

November 6th

Closing of

December 6th

Announcement of

December 11th


December 18th

Pitch day

December 18th to 29th

Pitch Day
and Awards

January 5th



Finance of pilot

Recurso 1.png

Space for development and implementation of the pilot


Parque Arauco



Key documents

The following documents contain useful information for applying to the challenge. You need to read them carefully before applying.

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Ready to apply?

If your solution can contribute to any of the challenges, we invite you to complete the form and be part of this great opportunity!

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