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Startup Challenge by Starken

Applications closed


Benefits of applying:

  • Pilot Co-Financing: Financing for the cost of the development of a pilot, with a budget limit of $10 - 15MM per pilot. The financing to be delivered will be made prior agreement with Starken of the expenses to be covered.

  • Space for the development and implementation of the pilot : A test space will be provided in Starken's current operations in Chile

  • Know-How Starken: For this pilot, Starken will support the winning teams through the know-how of Starken collaborators to the solutions selected to develop the pilot.

STARKEN is one of the most important courier and shipping companies in Chile, offering storage, logistics and distribution services for over 40 years. STARKEN's main service is the delivery of parcels nationwide. Today Starken has more than 300 branches throughout Chile, 24 regional distribution centers and one of the most modern distribution centers in the Industry located in the Metropolitan Region.


The objective of this "STARTUP CHALLENGE" call is to solve 3 challenges related to logistics and optimization of internal management processes, by calling startups, companies and R&D Centers to develop, adapt or apply solutions in the MVP or commercialization stage. Their collaboration will result in the possibility of becoming a strategic supplier of STARKEN at a national level.


We look for innovative solutions that solve one or more of the following challenges:

Challenge 1:

Parcel Tracking Automation Technologies 

Improve parcel tracking throughout Starken's operational chain, from dispatch to last-mile delivery, through the application of technologies that automate, increase and make tracking visible, both internally and for the customer. Examples of solutions that could apply: RFID, Beacons, NFC, wearables, computing vision, others.  

The objective is to be able to reduce the rate of loss, the number of follow-up calls from clients and errors at the destination of shipments.


Challenge 2:

New sustainable and efficient last mile delivery models

Improve the last mile delivery process for parcels (from the distribution center to the final customer), through new means of transport and/or new storage and distribution models that are sustainable, cost-efficient and/or improve the productivity of deliveries.

Example of solutions that could apply: Drones, unmanned vehicles, dark stores, among others.


Challenge 3: 

Digitalization of administrative management processes 

Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of administrative management processes (proforma process, billing and claims management), by automating critical recurrent activities, currently carried out manually. Example of solutions that could apply: RPA, IPA, AI Algorithms.

If you have a solution validated at the MVP level or a product on the market, we invite you to fill out the form on this page and be part of this great opportunity. We ask that you be very clear when detailing each required field.

Remember that you can contact us with any questions and we will help guide you.




Start of applications


Closing date of applications


Publication of

Pre-selected solutions

06/06/2022 - 13/06/2022

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Pitch Day and awards

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